Bespoke Personalised Songs

"A truly unique gift that will never be forgotten"
- Lizzie Bloom (customer)

Would you like a song for a special occasion? I will write you one!
Excellent rates based on the complexity of production desired.

You send me the details you want included and I'll do my best to create a song that suits your wishes!

From heartfelt sincerity to silly humour.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.
Prices: £120 for the writing of the song and an acoustic recording (guitar and vocals) in digital format.
Additional instrumentation/production available to suit - (harmony vocals/bass/drums/MIDI arrangements/additional instrumentalists etc) - from £20.
Audio CD with personalised printed face and lyrics sleeve insert - £7.

With so many songs on this site, I have picked out a few that might give you some ideas and are personalised songs in some way.

Alex and Ali was written for the wedding of my two dear friends I introduced to each other by taking them to a Robbie Williams gig.

True Love's Bloom - "Set Wobbie Wobbit the challenge of writing me a 25 year anniversary song in less that a week. Couldn’t have been more happy with the results. This is a truly unique gift that will never be forgotten." - Lizzie Bloom.

Inspirational You could be about a few people I feel this way about, but I definitely have particular people in mind.

None of Nessa's Business is about a specific aspect of my wonderful friend Nessa.

B&Q Sick Bay Lady is also a specific aspect of the equally wonderful and green-fingered friend Julia.

Crikey Barker is Julia's tennis ball obsessed dog.

Lottie-Face is her other dog with the best doggie face EVER!

My Dad Was Cars - Remembering my late Dad through the childhood nostalgia of his garage.

JGT 102 T - My first car also deserved a song.

I Heart London - Because if my first car deserves a song then so do the London buses I once drove, en route to a tribute to London itself.

But it's your song, it can be about anything you like...
Just tell me what you want to say...

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